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Erotic Hypnosis

Being obsessed with finding new ways to reach climax is in the mind of most of the people for ages. Recently erotic hypnosis gains on popularity and there is a lot of information on the internet on how to experience this.

Erotic Hypnosis is a guided meditation, either through another person or yourself alone, that is intended to relax and turn you on so much that you can orgasm with no touching at all. Hands free orgasm?!

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness that occurs on the conscious and subconscious level. It is a heightened state of awareness that allows a person to experience an altered state of reality, which opens up a psychological doorway to the power of suggestion.

Hypnosis in our case is used as a tool to step into a world of calmness and relaxation to get to a state of mind where it’s possible to climax.

A lot of videos can be found in the world of the internet and there are different attempts to bring you to your goal.

Types Of Erotic Hypnosis

Some include a soothing voice starting with breathing techniques, moving around or stretching. Afterwards comes the hypnosis part. Finishing of with sexual stimulation through creative visualization.

Even through binaural beats it is said to reach an orgasm with the mind. These videos work with beats that have a specific frequency. Relaxing and arousing you with soft music and rhythm.

Other videos have a lot of trigger words in it. Trigger words are used to train the mind and initiate a process or course of action. They often get used in these videos so the words really work when you hear them.

They can also be used for a negative aspect! Some artists try to induce trigger words so you are tempted to buy more of their videos, so watch out for these kinds.

Tips For Reaching The Goal

  • Have the right mindset: It’s much more possible to orgasm from hypnosis alone if you are feeling sexy and in the right mood.
  • Start meditating: Meditation is really important for most people because it helps to be more focused and be more free of distractions.
  • Be willing to invest hours of practice: To be effective, erotic hypnosis takes a lot of time and practice to really get into it.
  • Kegels: Doing a kegels workout will be not only beneficial for this topic.

Here is a link

Don’t give up!: With everything that is hardly obtained, there comes a point of frustration if you don’t reach your goal or don’t even see changes happening. So stay in and do your best and don’t be that one who says it’s not possible if you haven’t walked the whole way.

Final Words

Everyone is different and so it will take some time to find the right type of erotic hypnosis that works.

Here are some links of different examples:

This one is a whole guide by Kinkyshibby. Her art is found on reddit and is free for everyone.

Further References:

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