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I picked Auralism as my kink topic this time and there isn’t a lot of information out there about it compared to many other kinks. Basically this is arousal through sound whether that sounds is voice, music or even having others hear you. In reality this is considered to be more of a fetish than a kink.

It’s interesting to me the lack of information out there because the voice can be one of the most erotic things in my opinion and with the popularity of phone sex hot-lines I can’t imagine that I am the only one who feels that way! No while this fetish has limited information there has been a ton of research done one the effects of the voice regarding almost every aspect of human development and relationships. It is a bonding link for example with a fetus and that link never actually ends with age. Music can stimulate the brain in all ages and different types of music have been shown to activate different parts of the brain.

Response to sounds are programmed into us instinctively as part of our survival and are a very primitive response. The ability to use this basic programming comes easily to most and while this fetish isn’t something that many claim, it is in truth one of the most common at least on a basic level.

I tried different aspects of this fetish and had an enjoyable experience with them all. I blindfolded myself and listened to porn, which was a fun erotic combination of sensory deprivation and auralism. I made some voice recordings during different sexual acts and they were a lot of fun to listen to after. Music didn’t stimulate me although it is enjoyable during a scene and can change the tempo as well as direction of the scene. It was an unusual fetish to focus on but a lot of fun and I learned to appreciate one more specific aspect of myself.


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