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Weekly Recap: Fashion week


What a fun week in the Divas Dungeon! We would like to give a shoutout to our newest Domme, Mistress Terena! Welcome aboard Mistress Terena, we are excited to have You with us on our kinky journey and looking forward to your guidance. We also have a new permanent Dungeon sub mark! Welcome aboard mark, great job and congrats on becoming our newest permanent Dungeon sub. Our Lovely Lady A finally got Her nipples pierced, congrats Lady A, they look wonderful. Makes me want to get mine pierced.

I would like to give a special shoutout to our Lovely Dommes. Mistress Michelle, Madam Ondine and Lady A, thank each of You for everything that You do for us on a daily basis. From chatting, words of encouragement, positive affirmations, journals, screening, and much much more. From everybody here, THANK YOU! You all are amazing. We would not be who we are without each of You.

There are big changes going on in the Dungeon, our notion workspace is in a major overhaul as well as our dungeon screening and tasks. Come be part of our wonderful journey as we grow and become the most Elite Femdom Dungeon there is. Drop by on kik or join our screening room #DivasDungeon to join us on our kinky journey.

Cupcake has been on a roll lately with his daily panty blog. His writing always amazes me. If you like good quality writing from an amazing sub in some beautiful panties, the daily panty blog is for you! Check it out, you will not be disappointed.

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Compulsory task

Our wonderful subs dove into fashion last week, researched how BDSM has influenced fashion. Topics were written on everything from harnesses, stockings, chokers, collars, latex and leather! Everybody did a terrific job on the topics and tasks and has really opened eyes to fashion trends that have come and gone, and a few that still remain. Many have shown up on the red carpet worn by celebrities such as Rhianna, Michael Jackson, Pink, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Taylor Swift.

Marks collar and harness, jems corset, sams nipple clamps, jems glitter stickers, bryans panties worn outside his pants , all amazing ideas that the subs came up with that were made and worn out in public to show off a little hidden BDSM public play. The creativity from everybody here continues to amaze! Sam and jems wet t-shirt shower, smoking hot, they would win any wet t-shirt contest, no doubt! Mark did an amazing job with his chocolate syrup dance to Taylor Swifts, shake it off. Hes got some moves for sure. Hope all that chocolate cleaned up easily mark.

For successful completion of the Compulsory task, the subs were given a special reward of dressing up, kneeling down before a mirror and servicing the Dommes cock like a perfectly trained slut! Its was sexy to.

Domme fun

Mistress Michelle dove down into Her bag of tricks and pulled a good one from Her arsenal of fun. This is one frustrating task. Several spent lots of time edging and stroking only to be denied an orgasm. Madam Ondine had some fun with bryan and decided to have him use those fancy quirts of his for some good ole fashion cock whipping. Needless to say, he was sore for a few days. The smile on his face during it was priceless though, he enjoyed every swat!

Optional task

These are the Divas Dungeon optional tasks. The Dommes create them, subs flock to them. They love them! Enjoy some of our subs creativity.

One morning we all needed some good ole fashion BBC, Divas Dungeon style!

They all walked over him all night. It was an interesting experience and he did accept the task. She had told him to be a human doormat. Why? He wasn’t sure but it’s something that She thought would be a good idea for his growth. He obeyed. There wasn’t much pleasure at all for him but They continued to walk over him. When the evening was over. He remembered his aftercare and went to take a long shower. Thinking back on it he remembered seeing the boots as they made it over his entire body. The boots are sexy, he thought. After finishing up his shower he sees that She’s ready for bed. ‘Good night sweet dreams’ he says softly as he goes to lay on his spot on the floor. I wonder if She’ll stop treating me like this and realize that I’m worthy of so much more. Maybe someday the sun was shining bright the next day and She was happy kind and sweet to him. It brought a smile to his face. ‘Good morning, I’m glad to see You are so happy.’ They sit down to have their morning coffee. He noticed that She’s wearing the boots from yesterday. Then as he took a sip he could feel Her feet moving up his leg toward his crotch. Mmmm, coffee tastes good this morning.


I knew that She was sadistic when the initial conversations took place. i had recently taken a vacation from work and had learned that a good friend of mine was a Domme.

The scene was to take place over a week where i was to be treated by Her however She saw fit. i remember Her saying ‘You’re going to become Mine, complete and total submission.’ Of course, She gave me safewords but I’m going to try my best not to use them.

I arrived at Her house earlier today where I was told to strip naked leave my clothes folded neatly next to the front door and follow Her down to the basement. It was dark only lit by a candle, here She tied me up and where i stand now.

After a few hours, it’s difficult to keep track of time i hear the door creak open. She comes down the steps and doesn’t say a word. She slowly walks around me inspecting my body. Running her nails across my chest and back.

She brings a cup of water for me lifts my chin and pours it into my mouth. i didn’t realize how thirsty i had been. She pulls out a knife and cuts down the rope. ‘Rest now, this is only the beginning’


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