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The Quiet of Morning

Sometimes I like to lend a hand to my team and participate in the What Happens Next weekly tasks, this was one of this week’s conributions.

The feeling of a hand sliding across her hip was what woke her up, the warmth of his fingers as well as the sensation of calloused hands on her skin pulling her from her dreams. She awoke without opening her eyes, taking a moment to focus on her own breath and heart rate. Head nestled deeper into the pillow as she rocked her hips backwards into his hand. No response… It must have been an unconscious motion while he was still sleeping. A few more seconds of silence would allow her to focus on his breathing, deep and even, it confirmed what she thought. 

Slowly she twisted, rolling her body around until she was laying face to face with him, careful to keep his hand on her hip as to not disturb his sleep. For a moment she rested, pressing her forehead into his and allowing her eyes to close. Feeling the warmth of his breath cascade down her chest. She loved mornings like this, the quiet ones before he woke up, when she could simply enjoy his presence. For a moment she considered falling back asleep, snuggling up and being nice…. But where was the fun in that? 

Slowly her hand slithered forward between the sheets to find his chest, nails trailing a line down his chest slowly. Even in his sleep he let out a soft moan at the touch, nestling closer as if to get her to stop, or perhaps asking for more. A smile pulled at the edges of her lips as nails continued to lightly scratch at his hip bone before dancing down to her favourite spot. Fingernails taped at the warm metal wrapped around his cock, grinning at the way the flesh already pushed at its confines as his body attempted to respond to her touch. 

“I love mornings like this.” Her words were a sultry whisper as her other hand pushed between the pillow and his head in and attempts to rouse him. Eyes flashed open as fingers twined in his hair and lips found his neck. “I want to hear you beg me…. maybe this morning will be different.” She murmured into his ear as other hand wrapped around his shaft so he could feel the warmth of her grip. So he could know what he was missing while he was locked up. And yet all he could muster was a whimper, cock twitching in her hand as if it might break free of its confines without her help. Such a pity, maybe it would remain locked in there forever…

By Miss Seelie

I have been practicing BDSM off and on for over 10 years now. While I started as a bottom/exhibitionist I have come to find that I have a deep love for causing others pain. My heart will forever lie with rope and needles, the sheer artistry of it and the limitless possibilities is something seems to draw me in, somehow staying the same and yet always evolving. Beyond that I have a deep passion for electrical play, impact of all kinds, furniture play, obedience training, breath play, tasks, degradation, blacking, branding, scarification, CNC, TPE, CBT, and then finally any type of sensation play from wax to knife play. This does not mean that this is all I can do, these are just some of my favourites. While I do identify as a sadist I don’t always need to cause pain, I also enjoy being a source of pleasure. Who could ever say no to watching someone’s back arch while their breath catching in their throat and knowing you were the cause?

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