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Panties – a form of humiliation?

Why I Dress my Boys in Panties

By Mistress Michelle

I’ve tried to write this blog post several times already. I came to the concussion that while my writing skills are total crap and it’s a real struggle for me, its also important that I share my reasons, my views and my love for subs in pretty panties. So here goes…


The back story…

After reading a journal entry describing wearing panties as being a form of hidden semi-public humiliation I’ve been doing some reflecting.

Reading the word ‘humiliation’ really struck a nerve with me. Is that how My boys perceive wearing pretty panties for me? ????

Not once have I ever viewed My boys wearing pretty panties as a form of humiliation. Humiliation as a kink is just not my style. I don’t need to use humiliation to be dominant or to even feel dominant.


The Protocol:

Layout three pairs of panties each night before bed for me to pick from. Wear those panties and post a daily panty pic front and back.


The big question – “What does having My boys wear pretty panties means to me”

I have different reasons on different days. It depends on my mood, the boy in the panties and often the panties themselves tell a story or evoke a fond memory.

Being that I can’t physically touch My boys (LDR D/s) the panties themselves are a metaphor for me wrapping my hands around them (or around their cock, balls and ass specifically).

They package up what is mine! I am with them for every step of the day. I want them to feel that connection, our connection, their submission to me, my hands always touching them, always supporting them.

The added insight…

The panties that get layed out also give me a insight into what My boys are feeling.
Some days when I’m not so talkative they will pull out all the purple panties because they know it is my favorite color and I will comment on them.

If I’m in a playful spontaneous mood I normally get pearls or crotchless.

If they are down the panties layed out are going to be ugly panties or (period panties).

It’s Not Just a Pair of Pretty Panties:

Wearing panties mean so much more than just showing off a pair of pretty panties on a sub. It means something to me, and I want it to mean just as much to them.

By Mistress Michelle

I have a passion for education and saw a need in the groups I was in to help others reach their goals through learning. There's no greater motivation for Me than helping others and I see creating educational resources as a way of helping many people at once.

I have researched and explored many topics multiple times, considered different angles, and am always surprised by how much there is still to learn. Having others respond to the topics and questions I ask related to each one is as much of a learning experience for Me as it is a rewarding experience to see the effort and growth in real time that I have inspired.

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