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Trying things on for size

I used to write erotica from both sides of the D/s perspective in the hopes of understanding the value of each. I couldn’t fathom how anyone would want to be my Dominant, and what they would gain from it.

When asking D types if i was on the right path or not, the answers ranged from, that’s exactly me to, no i don’t associate with that at all. 

Fetishes and kinks aside, i learned that control is at the heart of it by discovering the commonality in responses. I also learned that every Dominant is as unique as every submissive, it’s why as a submissive you should present who you really are, and shy from presenting archetypes, it is also why as a Dominant You should allow submissives to understand what You expect different from others, and what it is that makes You unique.

Appreciating our own differences allows us to express our needs more clearly, appreciating the differences in others shows us how best to meet their needs.

I have four identical pairs of panties, but each a different colour, these are the most revealing by far, although they seem to fit the same.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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