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Selfish vs useful

Freaky Friday

i have not kept it secret how horny i have been feeling all week.  Never i gone through something like this before.  It is different though.  Usually a horny guy wants a release, but that is not how i feel.  It has increased my desire to be useful.

After yesterday’s writing combined with these feelings i am beginning to wonder if it is time to do some kinky things again on my own.  Yesterday about lunch time i found myself in panties, which is another story, but they increased that excitement meter.  Nothing wrong with that.

i normally only do stuff like that when asked.  Not sure why though.  There is a risk of me doing activities on my own.  It can easily become about what i want.  For example i want to increase my pain tolerance, probably for competitive guy reasons.  It seems to me though that some kinky tasks might help me be a more useful submissive.

Where is that line between selfish and more useful?  i am not sure to be honest.  Is that for me to find?  Again not sure.  This i am sure of though, when my submission becomes about me others including myself get hurt.

So hearing from others about where that line is would be helpful.

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