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What it Means to Appreciate Women

The topic of appreciating Women is extremely interesting to me. I have seen many male subs refer to feeling inferior, or feeling the need to submit to all Women and i never questioned it, but also never fully associated kink and gender as being linked. That being said, there are aspects of BDSM, specifically as they relate to practicing Femdom, that are associated with the appreciation of Women. Outside of BDSM, there are also a multitude of reasons.

There are unique elements of romance traditionally associated with the treatment of Women, chivalry is an expression of respect that applies to all Women. Extending an arm of support, holding the door, offering to carry something, these are examples of traditional forms of appreciation. In Western society, acts of chivalry are becoming less common and the argument could be made that it’s a sign of mutual respect to offer but not assume these acts are desired. These same acts are implied and often protocols within BDSM, and chivalry is one way of appreciating Women.

Recognizing the challenges Women face and addressing them, helping with them, and finding ways of thanking Women for things they do because they are Women are also forms of appreciation. Treating women with respect, and correcting others when they don’t, small tokens of appreciation that can help demonstrate respect. Thanking the Women in your life for the things they do, your mother for giving birth to you, and nurturing you, your sister for teaching you compassion and ultimately how to talk to, and understand other Women, there an endless examples of things we take for granted that mere recognition can be an impactful form of appreciation.

Beauty and the female form, often are considered reasons for appreciation, but also can be demonstrated as an act of appreciation. A flower, traditionally given to Women as a gift is a sign of appreciation for beauty, a delicate beauty that aligns with the female form. Colorful clothing, accessories, gifts given to Women often mirror their interests, tastes and preferences, and knowing what those are shows a deeper level of appreciation. Understanding as well how Women present themselves, complimenting Women on how they present themselves and, showing appreciation for the time and effort they took to do so is welcomed with pure intention. Appreciation of the beauty of expression appears in BDSM in a multitude of ways, some fetishes like boot worship for example focus on the sights, sounds, feel and taste even of the expression of the female form.

There’s no end to the ways one can show appreciation for Women, but in order for it to be sincere, it needs to focus on what is uniquely experienced, expressed, or admired.

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