Submissive Submissions

What happens next

After many minutes of watching his genitals turn deep shades of red and purple, She finally decides to release the tension and allow him to breath again. Watching Her little subby boy laying there, vulnerable, beads of sweat dripping from his forehead. His body laid out before Her to use and abuse as She see fits. 

Looking up at Her tone stocking clad legs towering above him. The sheer sight of Her smiling down at him, a slight chuckle and laugh as She lowers and slides the blindfold on  over his eyes. Blocking out any ambient light, any chance for him to see what’s about to happen. Gazing upon Her you, She can physically see his heart beating, the vein pulsing in his neck from fear. 

Feeling the rope tied to his genitals being played with, the subtle tugs make his mind  race with anticipation  as to what’s going on. All he know is he’s in a predicament he doesn’t  like to be in. Minutes drag by as he lays there, the cold AC blowing down upon him, his body tense, legs spread wide open, arms restrained down and genitals tied up tightly. Scared but turned on at the same time. 

The blinding light as the blindfold is pulled off his head. Gazing up at his Mistress, seeing Her tower above him holding a single piece of rope. 

“Open up” She declares! 

His mouth opens in fear, placing the single piece of rope inside his mouth 

“Bite down and don’t let go”

He does as instructed feeling the weight only being supported by his front teeth. 

Slowly moving out of the way She reveals his predicament. 5 pounds of weight tied off to his genitals being supported by his teeth. 

She walks back and sits down looking upon the predicament She has placed Her toy in. 

“You open your mouth boy and 5 pounds of fury will fall effectively castrating you” 

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