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Your Grace

There was a calmness in him that matched the still of the crisp wintry air beyond the double paned glass. Whisps of frozen mist sauntered in and out of view as his eyes lost focus on the outside world, soothing thoughts of warm vevet and fresh frangrant magos, gift from his Queen kept him sweltering in his daze.

His flesh burned as brightly as his desire to feel the soft caress of Her Highness’s finger tips. She had fitted him earlier in suitable attire for greeting the few and fortunate who dwelled in Her Kingdom. His panties marked with the Kingdom’s symbol, afixed to his crotch, dangling next to his royals jewels, Her name etched in steel.

The pride he felt surveying Her Kingdom rushed through him as he felt the hardness in his shaft growing, Her garments tightening around him. He rose triumphantly to present himself, chest puffed as the peacock, hands by his hips, then he heard the full rich sound of Her step behind him. Dropping to one knee he bowed.

“Cupcake” She addressed him.

Eyes downcast he responded “Your Grace”.

The pattern on the pouch of these panties looks like a royal seal to me.

That’s what makes these panties special ?

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