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The calm before

My mindset is such that i promote the positive and it is an ongoing dialogue – so yeah, you’re not alone in talking to yourself. If you read out loud in your head however, then you should really  consider… just kidding, i do that too. What i say to myself are positive thoughts to motivate myself, but what is behind that thought it – oh boy, here we go.

That dialogue to me is important, having that moment is critical to my mindset, and the panty protocol i have is itself a daily exercise in promoting a healthy mindset. There is little else in my mind when doing this task, taking these pictures, my focus is on pleasing Mistress, and doing the best i can do. When i am finished, i need a moment before i even look at the pictures, i take a moment to appreciate the gift of the protocol, but most importantly, i take a moment.

Everything that comes after is a whirlwind, swept up in the minutiae of life, distant in the moment but it’s lingering nonetheless. The moment is the calm before, and what comes after is at the time is least important. As i prepare though, to exit that moment, the voice returns – oh boy, here we go.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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