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Tearing you a new one

We are exploring the nature of torture this week and its many purposes and types within BDSM. There is a connection often drawn between punishment and torture that intrigues me, partly because i enjoy torture in a very primal sense, to suffer for Her would bring me pleasure if it did for Her as well. Not all punishment is torture, and not all torture is punishment. 

I have  broken rules before for the purpose of experiencing punishment, it was an exploration of sorts but i found it very rewarding. It was an attempt, as should come as no surprise, to gain attention i was seeking. Attention was received, punishment was rewarding. 

There have been times though where less of a break in protocol, and more of a break in effort and concentration was met with a different form of punishment. Silence. In silence i could drown or get crushed by how heavy it feels, guilt and remorse for actions and feelings in hurt and anger. 

What it comes down to is prioritization, what is the Dominant seeking from you, and are you committed to that or something else that is only a priority for you. In my experience, when i lose that focus on what pleases Her, silence befalls us both. That’s why words matter, communication needs to be clear, because understanding and clarifying priorities allows the submissive to flourish, and the Dominant to feel wanted, needed, and appreciated. 

These panties are wicked panful, those little twine strings in the middle get to tight they could cut my balls off. That sweet agony pleases Mistress, and so it pleases me, but what pleases us both even more is that they are ripping open and it means since they are tearing i will soon get to go buy a new one.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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