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Submissives, overcomplicating the D, and the purpose of doilies

A doily is meant to protect objects, bind objects together and improve the overall presentation of objects.

To a submissive, these same characteristics can be applied to the archetype of the D they seek to find. Someone who will provide a safe way to explore their submissive needs, guide them from errors and care for their well being. A D can be all encompassing, leading to a subconscious maze of experiences, emotions, and triumphs that can bind the needs so tightly together. A D can mold a submissive to be their best self, presenting to others the pride of ownership, and presenting to the submissive the most beautiful version of themselves.

In all that strength and beauty, there is a person, as frail and vulnerable as any other, who takes on the responsibility of protecting, binding, and nurturing another. It is easy to forget the intricate nature of the human condition, and place on a pedestal those we seek to guide us.

So cherish the doily, appreciate what it’s there for, and recognize that it’s amazing ability to do what it does, comes from very humble, very altruistic, and very beautiful beginnings.

These panties feel like and share the pattern of a doily.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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