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Stripping the milk for free

The anonymity of social media has led to new behaviours and created new norms that we accept as a society – though happily most of them have not made their way into our mainstream lives. The pervasive ‘dic pic’ for instance hasn’t become an invitation to whip it out over coffee.

However, it’s an interesting read into the medium and the mindset of individuals who feel inclined to adjust their behaviour based on it. I’m generally shy in person, the reason i enjoy this blog and sharing my thoughts – yes and sharing my panties and nudity – is that it’s in fact something i wouldn’t do normally.

The nature of exhibitionist though requires for me to enjoy it only if it’s consensual, so i don’t get pleasure for sending someone my pictures directly, posting my blog anywhere other than where it is for those to view if they choose. This is why the ‘dic pic’ irks me so much.

If you were going to meet someone at a bar, and you were the flirtiest slut that walked the planet, you still wouldn’t begin nude. You would build the tension, wear something revealing, entice and tease to get your intended victim to bite before pulling out the goods.

If you give away the milk for free, where’s the incentive to go further? After you send a ‘dic pic’ what do you really expect to happen next?

What it boils down to is effort. If you want to be a good online slut, put some time into it, figure out how to be a good tease, ask someone before sending them a picture what gets them excited and work with their interests. Laziness is really the only thing conveyed by skipping the norms of society, introducing yourself and getting to know someone.

These panties barely fit on me, they are clearly not intended for a man to wear them, and i suspect any stipper who wore them would only disappoint their audience by giving away the milk for free, before even taking off your hat. Or panties.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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