Daily Panty Blog


There isn’t a one size fits all recipe for practicing lifestyle BDSM, or more specifically Femdom.

Having regular protocols certainly sets the foundation however, wearing panties is just one example of something i do daily to make me feel special, wearing them for Mistress makes it special to us both.

Often i will do things outside of my protocols that similarly make me feel special, that i know are things that will make us both feel special; a picture, a song, an act of service.

Sometimes the protocol or assignment doesn’t go as planned, in these moments it’s my opportunity to improvise something that can capture the spirit of what Mistress intended and show my talents that Mistress enjoys most.

In the case of these panties… the relevance of my rant is that they are one size fits all, but with so much elegance and beauty, they can be special on anyone. They were special to me because of who chose them for me.

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