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Strappy Panties Part 2 – Exposed, My Morning Run

Before i lay down to sleep Mistress sent a message, “after you put on your panties, wear your white tights on your morning run…” I woke up this morning before the alarm went off, threw on my panties and smooth white tights and headed out for my run.

I was nervous but i was focused on Mistress’s words. The more i focused on Her words the more i felt secure in Her control. The more controlled i felt, the more exposed i became.

I was so excited to get to the turnaround point and feel a sense of accomplishment, but when i got there i could not move. I didn’t want to move. I didn’t want the euphoria, the exposure, the surrender to end and i just breathed. I closed my eyes for a moment, i returned to a time when i felt this secure before, safely in Mistress’s protection, free from inhibition.

Stretching by the side of the road i felt sexy, naked, i felt like i wanted to be seen, to be on display, to feel Her eyes on me, to feel desirable. I began to ooze a lot. I then headed home and saw a neighbor on the corner, their car headlights glaring through the darkness. I went instead the long way home.

Walking the last block, i was passed by an acquaintance jogging who owns a women’s fitness center. I don’t know if she knows my dog, i do hope she recognizes the view from behind though in future when our paths cross again.

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