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Your inner dialogue, your champion

Someone commented to me about my inner dialogue, sharing those thoughts that happen at certain times but i don’t know if it quite captures the voice and the spirit of what it hear. It’s based on the situation and where it comes from, and it’s an interesting view that says a lot about my submissive needs, my insecurities, and my past accomplishments.

In moments of disappointment or failure, the voice is mine – all mine. I have always believed that we alone are responsible for our own success, we are not able to control the reaction of others, only the reaction of ourselves in certain situations. Usually this conversation is short and consists of me saying something along the lines of “way to go” – i am very sarcastic even to myself.

My successes are celebrated with muted exuberance, i believe in being modest so i don’t even to myself brag about my accomplishments to myself, but… the Dos Equis man appears, raises an eyebrow and i know, he’s proud of me. Secretly i want him to scream out loud what i have done so he is also dressed as a cheerleader.

That dialogue i encounter most often is that of courage and fear. I think this is true for all of us, what we want is authenticity, to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and effort so we conquer every challenge. For me, that voice has changed, i said goodbye to Mr. T and his warnings of pity and fools who don’t do what he says. Instead i am have welcomed the kind voice of self appreciation and self love, it is stern but sweet, it is direct and determined, slipping with cool breath past pert lips, encouraging me to push forward, and above all “don’t hide be brave cupcake”. And Mistress is also dressed as a cheerleader while She says this to me.

It’s not something i had considered until i understood what self love and self appreciation meant, that when i talk to myself, those words matter. Your words matter.

When i put these panties on, my inner voice was saying, “gosh, i hope i can squeeze into these without ripping them in half”. I don’t think i took a breath all day, i felt like a pretty eclair.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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