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Hiding in the shadow of the King’s robe

I feel naked when i am dressed, and i feel awkward being naked. I’m not good at hugging, yet i long to be touched. Where it stems from is a desire to be humble, and live modestly, not seeking to fulfill my own needs, but understanding how i can make an impact, leave a footprint, how my action means more than pleasing myself.

It ultimately leads me to a practice in restraint regularly as how i gain fulfillment, acknowledging a desire as it appears, and seeking ways to share it with others for a greater purpose. Sexually, i learned edging because i couldn’t enjoy an orgasm without first repressing it, only recently did i learn there was a name associated with the action.

My first interest in BDSM was linked to the fetish CFNM (clothed female, naked male) because i wanted to be seen without my clothes, i wanted to be exposed so that i could feel excitement, arousal, and pleasure from being naked. I found that my favorite part of being in the dynamic was taking my clothes off, because in that moment the restraint is acknowledged, the need becomes a gift received.

Admitting that i have needs is a struggle, and when i woke up today i had planned to contain them all, silently, because i felt overwhelmed by them. I did not however, i shared my needs, and i maintained my protocol because it’s shared with Mistress. This incredible gift, daily to show myself for Her pleasure and mine. Today i showed everything, all of me, because what i needed was for Mistress to have all of me today. Disguised as a portrait, what i wore today was my need to be touched, my desire to be seen, and my appreciation for the gift.

That’s what makes being naked special 😉

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