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Glitter Panty – DIY

A sexy day of shimmering dust, because of a comment in my journal the night before about Mistress choosing clothes for me with glitter. Mistress got me to spray my panties with hairspray and cover them with purple glitter. A self fulfilling prophesy, designed to ensure a trail of glitter dust told my story to the masses.

Following Mistress's instructions, however, i did not let the panties dry enough. When i tried them on, the glitter was everywhere, on me, the floor the walls, and then i started oozing precum so where there wasn’t hairspray there was a thin trail of ooze mixed with glitter. I cleaned up at night as best as I could, and lay the panties beside the water heater to dry overnight.

In the i put on my panties, they were cold and stiff, and i grew warm and stiff in them. My original plan was to throw my jeans on right away but i realized most of the glitter had began to cascade to the floor like a light dusting of snow and was not sticking at all. I edged carefully tiptoed to my tight jeans and pulled them on my body, then my shirt. I then started the process of cleaning… again, lol. I am pretty good at sweeping, but my yoga mat will never look the same.

I expected to see more glitter in my day, but i mostly saw it on my cock. My shoe had a couple specs, my car seat. My drive home from work involved exposing my glitter more readily to the world. I have since found traces of glitter everywhere, at home, at work and in between, and am thankful for the constant reminder of my submission, and Mistress's gift and ability to hold me to my word.

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