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Feeling With Your Eyes

Slowly the canopy lowers over my eyes as i stare inwardly. My thighs tight, straining to pull to the center all the desire in me and light rolls over them, warming my hips and filling my balls with a desperation to hold onto it a moment longer.

From the dimples surrounding my collarbone, pools of lava overflow reaching my sensitive nipples and washing over, flattening my abdomen funelling and fueling thrashing rapids that crash against canyon walls on it’s way into me, lancing off at the tip a single droplet that evaporates almost as quickly as i open my eyelids slowly and without deliberation to focus.

How much do i miss with my eyes closed? These panties force my eyes open to pull them in, over my hips, arrange the thin straps in the right places. They just as quickly close again.

That’s what makes these panties special ?

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