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Feeding those trolls

We hold the power over out feelings and we always will, until we allow someone to assert their  feelings over top our own. The old adage – if you ignore it, they will go away – is actually true. The power you have is how you respond. When emotions get involved it is usually at this moment when we lose control over our  responses. The minute we lose control over our responses, our power is lost.

So how do you stop the troll from entering your inner circle? You can’t, if you are in public, you are vulnerable to outsiders and their will. What they want is simple, to control your response. The more they know about you, the more personal it becomes. Cut it off at the source.

They want to be acknowledged, it’s not the attention that they feed from, it’s the emotional response. Without it they will be unfulfilled. So yes, ignore them.

They may not leave right away, but ignoring them does two things. It allows you to control your emotional response. Also, it makes their role one that is no longer fulfilling, which is a pretty good reward for your own good behaviour.

I like these panties because it’s impossible to hide anything in them, and if i wanted to, i could squeeze my cheeks real tight and make them completely invisible, making it impossible to comment on. I think. Gosh they are tiny and tight.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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