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A lesson in D/s communication: Turning your garbage into treasure

Pouting, sulking, whining, and complaining, when things aren’t going well we all do it. Some in very vocal ways, others quietly and introspectively.

Throwing a tantrum can be very satisfying, it can help relieve stress and it can also let others know perhaps this is not a good time. However, in a public display of emotion, you are effectively sharing your feelings.

For a Dominant this can be a warning, now is not the time to trifle, but it’s also an opportunity to gain understanding, offer support and help.

A submissive in a tantrum can use this as a cry for help, signs of resistance and control are opportunities to release stress by enforcing timeouts or aftercare (temporary release of service). Another outcome could be swift and deliberate instructions, forcing the submissive to release control.

For many introverts a sign of stress is reduced communication or the absence of it altogether. This is either due to an inability to express the emotions or an attempt to shield others from what they perceive as a burden.

Dominants and submissives retreating in this manner have an opportunity to impose self-care, and the ability to reflect on actions and emotions, processing them over time.

Regardless the hissy fit you throw, it’s not for naught. If you have a partner it’s their chance to shine, to shape and restore the submissive’s well being, to support and nurture the Dominant’s sense of self, and value as the owner and protector. A family or group thrives on building strength through shared understanding and collective growth.

Make communication tangible and treat it as a gift to give and to receive. Those in need – need it most, and it’s important for both parties to see it’s value. The next time you throw a fit, share it with the world, and you may see it turn into something invaluable for all.

These panties give me support in all ways, the gift from Mistress, that only grows in value.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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