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A blank canvas is more than a blank slate

Being at the ready, creating the right conditions, there ways to ensure that you are ready to start a new relationship, a new scene, or a new discussion without being overzealous.

D types can sometimes create impossible situations where only the perfect situation or predictable response will result in a successful outcome.

Submissives will often wait for any direction before creating an environment for growth, either unwilling to offer to prepare items or share their own goals.

Whatever stage you are at, there’s never a reason to sit passively and waiting for something to happen. Beautiful works of art require material to base the creation from. Be a blank canvas and not a blank slate.

These panties are a work of art that i enjoy displaying for Mistress’s pleasure. It reminds me the beauty She creates out of the blank canvas i provide. It’s so beautiful making art together.

That’s what makes these panties special 😉

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