BDSM Education


When I first heard about sounding it immediately went on my hard limits list. Largely I would say due to having absolutely no idea about it and the fear of putting something inside the penis. Phantom pain I guess would be the best way to describe it, even without trying it. Our mind works in funny ways sometimes.

That all slowly has began to change as I am around others who have more experience. Conversations have taken place regarding what it is like and some of the descriptions make it sound enjoyable. Having moved many limits around already in my journey to attempt new things and grow I still struggled getting this one off of my hard limits list. Then one day I asked myself why. Difficult question to answer when you have no reason other than fear of the unknown. I knew it wasn’t painful at this point through conversations and research. Also knew it was safe if all of the safety concerns were followed. So I cautiously moved it to a soft limit.

Now that it wasn’t banished from sight much more research was needed. Starting with what toys to use. Wow, there are lots of options here. Stainless steel seemed to be the most versatile and durable, plus had higher reviews from almost everyone. Easy to use, easy to clean and enough weight to help with inserting. Also a good sterile lube. Infection can be the biggest issue here so cleanliness is a must! Sterilize your toys, use sterile lube and clean yourself. The actual insertion should be done slowly and use lots of lube. There are many nerves in this small area so the sensation will be quite intense. Do not force the sound. There will be natural restrictions in the body and just slowly let your body adjust to the intruder. It will naturally stop at your bladder and don’t try to go further without a lot more research. There shouldn’t be any pain but a slight burning sensation is common because of the sensitivity of the area.

Once it is in, enjoy. Remember to reapply lube as needed, frequently. Relax and dont force it. Always keep everything sterile and clean! Have fun.

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