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Prostate Simulation

Choosing prostate stimulation as a topic seemed like a great idea because it is something that is commonly misunderstood, it rarely gets talked about in detail, safety is very important and it is something that I enjoy greatly! It’s something that you can really get into ? hehe

First off let’s discuss what, where and how. The prostate itself is a hidden jewel of pleasure for many men located between your bladder and penis. There are many methods to stimulate your prostate such as external, internal and urethral. The urethra runs through the prostate to your bladder. How to stimulate your prostate depends somewhat on the method that you use.

Let’s begin with external stimulation. The easiest way is to rub your taint, pressing upward as the prostate is a few inches above. This type of stimulation can be very healthy and is typically not overly intense but deeply (pun intended) fun. Here is a link to some techniques as well as more general information.

The next way and one of the most common is internal stimulation. This means going in through the rectum about 1 to 3 inches normally. On the front you will find a small semi textured shape which is your prostate. Curling your fingers along it, stroking it or using vibrating or regular toys are all great methods to explore this special button. Milking is most likely done through internal stimulation and can be a very interesting sensation. Safety is a concern anytime you are doing this and we will cover the basics of safety in just a minute. Here is a link that will help with some general knowledge as well as techniques.

Last but not least is stimulating the prostate through the urethral tube. This method does require special tools and a great respect for safety but can be extremely intense as well. Since the urethra passes through the prostate this type of stimulation is internal and directly to the prostate itself. Before trying this you will need to research urethral sounding, have the proper sounding rods and sterile lube. Cleanliness is key to sounding! Sounding itself creates very unique sensations and by stimulating your prostate this way you can have almost overwhelming sensations. But safety, sterile, and slow are the most important! Here is a good article on sounding and urethral prostate stimulation.

Now let’s discuss safety for exploring your prostate. For external massage be firm, trim your fingernails, go slow and relax.
Before beginning internal stimulation you should be clean, use clean toys and gloves or condoms if you have any questions, trim your fingernails if needed, never use anything sharp and be gentle to yourself.
Sounding you will want to ensure a sterile environment, the correct tools and lube as well as a solid understanding of what you are doing.
The key to all types of prostate play is go slow, relax and do not force anything. Remember, your prostate is your friend so be gentle and enjoy.

This guide is a great source of information, safety tips, methods and more.

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