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Milking Report

I informed Mistress that milking was something that interested me, and She asked me to research the topic so i could learn more about it and how it could help while I am in chastity. In my research I discovered that there are many uses for prostate milking, many of them related to promoting virility and prostate health in aging men. My interest in the topic was to discover how it can impact the volume of secretion and with males in chastity how it assists with maintaining control and comfort of the submissive. I will show my research and provide links to additional information where i gathered my findings.

Milking 101

Most helpful was this guide on ‘Different Milking Techniques for More Control’ over submissive men in chastity. It starts by stating that milking will almost always bring some pleasure, and that it can bring intense pleasure in orgasm. The part I chose to focus on related to chaste males. Milking chaste males allows Mistress control over seminal secretion and creation, maintaining an active lust in Her submissive.


The article suggests many positions from lying on the back with legs up to lying on the side legs curled or on hands and knees.

I think for long periods of time i would prefer to be on my side, though I enjoy the feeling of submission on hands and knees.

Methods for Milking

The article suggested spending between 10 and 40 minutes a day to maintain healthy and active seminal fluid creation.

There are three ways to milk

  • Maximum Pleasure
  • Ruined Orgasm Milking
  • Minimum Pleasure

Maximum pleasure utilizes multiple stimulants while milking. Stroking the shaft, squeezing the head, playing with the balls and nipple clamps are types of added stimulants to increase sensation. It is suggested that this process will likely be the fastest of the three.

Ruined orgasm follows the same guidelines as above, but prior to ejaculation all stimulation of the cock is removed. In doing this, likely not all the fluid is drained and so afterward it can be extracted by gentle massage but will be without contractions.

Minimum pleasure follows similar guidelines but with less sensation. Irregular contact with genitals is suggested or while caged. Also tucking behind the legs slightly is another way to accomplish near orgasm fluid secretion without orgasm. After 40 minutes it should drain as much as an orgasm.

Milking Tips for Beginners

An article explained to me a few things to keep in mind when starting out.

  1. First make sure using fingers that nails are trimmed and also urinate in advance. It suggested massaging the perineum first to stimulate the prostate.
  2. It then suggests inserting a finger or two inside the anus, then feel for the prostate, a raised area at least one inch inside the anus about the size of a large walnut.
  3. Then massaging it gently but firmly, starting slowly before increasing the intensity.

Other suggestions are to use latex  (I am allergic) or sterilize hands well, and use a water based lubricant. It also says to use a toy for longer periods of milking. The benefits listed are intense orgasms and an alternative for men with enlarged prostates to taking medication.

A Different Technique

This article suggests that milking is best after or during periods of delaying male orgasms. It mentions that cages can be used to prevent orgasms and that cock rings can be very effective in prolonging orgasms or maintaining erections throughout the course of milking.

It says the best way to extend playtime with a submissive male partner is to delay . . . and delay . . . and delay his orgasm. Minutes, hours, days, weeks, even months. I specifically liked the section about toys:

The best way to enforce that is to use a chastity device. Male chastity devices range from simple, effective cock rings designed to be used for an hour or less to elaborate, custom-fitted locking devices designed to be worn 24/7 for indefinite periods of time. Cock rings can be plain circles of rubber, silicone, or stainless steel (in various sizes); leather straps, single or multiple; or more complex battery-driven devices with nubs, anal attachments, nipple clamps, and multiple kinds of motion. One advantage of a vibrating cock ring is that you can restrain your guysub with the same toy that’s also stimulating him. Sexy and elegant.

My plan

Begin with lots of lube of my fingers , lying on my back massage my perineum until there is a sign of secretion and i am fully relaxed. Next insert one, then two fingers reaching past my balls into my anus. After locating the prostate massage gently and move fingers in a slight curling motion. Next i am curious… i know from other experiences with dildos in past i cannot reach as far as a toy, i would like to try using my massage wand. Without vibration and with. My curiosity is i think once i start this i will leak a lot of fluid if i am correct. I would like to collect it in my shot glass with measurement. I think 30 minutes might be a good time to try for and see what i can accomplish…. potentially see how much. I should have included that i will leave my cock ring in place so i am sure to remind myself it is not my pleasure alone, and i will not touch my cock at any point.

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