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Impact Safe Zones

Safe zones in the BDSM context refer to the areas in which are safest to hit when doing impact play. these areas do not contain any organs and have the most meat to hit without causing an impact with the bones.

The most universal safe zone is the butt! its big, meaty and just looks like it wants to be hit hehe.

The next safe zone is located right under the butt and is the back of the thighs. this area provides a good amount of safe surface to hit like the butt, and has a whole new sensitivity factor so try it out!

The third safe zone I will discuss is the inner thighs. Caution is advised when doing impact play around the genitals, but a well aimed swing to the inner thighs is another safe area to feel that sting of a cane, crop or paddle!

Important! When doing impact play always avoid areas with low fat or muscle, areas that protect organs, and the back of the joints such as the back of the knees and elbows.

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