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DIY Impact Cane

DIY Impact Cane

For my homemade kink toy, I converted a wooden coat hanger into a compact cane with a very stingy impact.

First, I removed the cross bar from the hanger. the nice thing abut this was I could still use the rest of the hanger as it was intended to be used lol.

Next, I removed both ends of the bar and rounded the edges of the cuts.

I then cut out a notch of the bar. the purpose of this was to give the paracord I will use on the next step something to grip while making the handle. I did not have a drill at the time but if you do I would recommend drilling a small hole to feed the paracord through.

The next step was to start wrapping the paracord to form the handle. I used a very simple mothed of tying a knot, then wrapping the cord down the handle for on cross, followed by another knot. this continued until had the bottom length wrapped.

With my handle tied I covered the whole rod with electrical tape. because I only had the notch to give the para-cord something to grip I decided to cover the cord in electrical tape as well.

Because the cane and handle is small, I made sure to leave some cord at the end to make a wrist band so it would not go flying if my hand released it for some reason 😉

Have fun and don’t forget to use your hand to warm yourself up first! 🙂

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