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What is subspace?

Subspace is sometimes described as an altered headspace, a floaty feeling, total bliss. Subspace is hard to define but simple to understand as a combination of both mental and physical experiences. With the mental experience you can get complete relaxation, calmness, equilibrium, tranquillity and serenity. The physical part is caused by the emission of several chemical substances into the body such as endorphins, adrenaline, oxytocin, dopamine and other hormones.

Often while a submissive is in this state, they will communicate differently or not at all, it is common to lose track of time, and most commonly it will feel as though the outside world has disappeared until exiting that mindset, and the chemicals start to dissipate.

There are many ways to bring about subspace, as people react differently to stimuli the way to bring about this blissful feeling depends on personal preference and past history. Some will crave nearness and touch, something as simple as fingers caressing the skin or hot breath cascading over exposed flesh can be enough. Words can be elicit images and influence mood, but can also be used as triggers to remind a submissive of a conditioned response learned from prior play and experiences.

It is important for both D-types and s-types, during a scene, to look for and react to signs of subspace. As a D-type, you may notice a change in communication, or a different look and expression on the s-types face and posture. When it’s recognized, that is the time to proceed with further caution, over communicate and remind the s-type to use their safeword for any reason. As a s-type, it’s important to let the D-type know when you are experiencing subspace. Being aware of the signs and adjusting to them will help keep a scene safe as well keep the D-type and s-type connected and even prolong the euphoria.

When in an altered headspace with adrenaline flowing throughout the body, pain becomes less noticeable and inhibitions tend to disappear. This is why negotiation for any scene must take place before engaging in play to enjoy it safely. Asking for consent while and s-type is in subspace is like asking a drunk for consent, stick to the negotiated scene.

This intense feeling doesn’t last forever, when the energy shifts after a scene, it is common for the s-type to experience subdrop as all of the chemicals breakdown and endorphins temporarily sink before they stabilize over a couple of days. Subdrop often involves depression like symptoms. It is important to have a plan in place to address this and ensure follow up support is in place for the following few days.

Contributors: Researched, written by Mistress Michelle and published by Umlindi.

These educational topics wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and dedication from our Dom(me)sLife contributors – Thank you MM

By Mistress Michelle

I have a passion for education and saw a need in the groups I was in to help others reach their goals through learning. There's no greater motivation for Me than helping others and I see creating educational resources as a way of helping many people at once.

I have researched and explored many topics multiple times, considered different angles, and am always surprised by how much there is still to learn. Having others respond to the topics and questions I ask related to each one is as much of a learning experience for Me as it is a rewarding experience to see the effort and growth in real time that I have inspired.

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