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Nipple Play

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Nipple Play

“My face is up here,” the Domme corrects her sub as he fixates on her chest. Truth be told though, breasts and nice pecs (pectoralis muscles) can easily draw anyone’s gaze (men aren’t the only people who stare at chests!). Breasts and nipples can be nice to look at and even nicer to play with. From nipple orgasms to nipple torture, and from ice play to adornments, there are many ways to get your kink on with nipple play. The nipple is just the tip of a vast erogenous zone. Understanding the anatomy and sensitivity of this area, and learning ways to stimulate the nipple can help you maximize your nipple play time.

Breast and Nipple Anatomy (male and female) 

The breasts are situated over the pectoralis muscles. The breasts themselves are not muscular; internally they consist of:

  • ducts which lead to the nipple.
  • lobules of mammary glands that branch out from the ducts, and 
  • fatty tissue that surrounds and cushions the ducts and mammary glands. 

Typically the female breast is more pronounced whereas the male breast is less so. This is due to the presence of the mammary glands in females. In some cases, males may also have mammary glands and some are even able to lactate, but this is rare. Most often, increased protrusion of the male breast is due to either well-developed pectoralis muscles behind the breast, or the presence of significant amounts of fatty tissue. The protrusion of the female breast can vary widely from one person to the next and can change over time due to changes in weight, hormones, pregnancy, lactation, menstruation, and menopause.

Externally, the breast has the darkened area in the middle which consists of the nipple and the areola. Sometimes this is referred to as the NAC, an acronym for the “nipple-areola complex.” Many people confuse the whole NAC with the nipple itself, referring to these parts collectively as simply the nipple. But the areola is distinct from the nipple and is highly sensitive–not to be overlooked in nipple play. Additionally, sebaceous glands in the areola enlarge during pregnancy and secretions from these glands lubricate and protect the nipple during breastfeeding.

What makes breasts so erogenous is that the nipples contain hundreds of nerve endings which connect to the genital sensory cortex of the brain. This is the same part of the brain that is connected to genital stimulation. The abundance of these nerve endings is present in males and females; in males they are more densely packed whereas in females they are more spread out.

What is a nipple orgasm?

A nipple orgasm, sometimes referred to as a “nipplegasm,” is just what it sounds like. It’s an orgasm produced by stimulation of all those nerve endings in the nipple. While many people truly enjoy direct stimulation of their nipples, others prefer touch that’s focused more on the areola, and many enjoy having their entire breasts handled sensually. Direct stimulation of the nipple isn’t the only way to produce a nipplegasm. Thanks to all those nerve endings, with enough patience and time, even a good fondling of the breasts can bring someone to climax.

A nipplegasm is often a different sensation than that of a genital orgasm. Nipplegasms tend to be more brief, but they are powerful, often full-body experiences of intense pleasure. The hormone, oxytocin, is released during nipple stimulation and a “feel good” sensation surges through the body. At the climax of nipple play, the genital sensory cortex “lights up.” Even without the genitals being touched directly, they receive the message that something very nice is going on.

Can men have a nipple orgasm too? 

While it may be surprising, yes, even men can have a nipplegasm. The potential for reaching climax through nipple play is more tied to an individual’s nipple sensitivity and their interest in nipple play/nipplegasm than to their gender. Someone who enjoys and is aroused by having their nipples stimulated is likely to reach orgasm through nipple play.

Taking time to stimulate the areola before going to the nipple is known as “edging.” Due to the high sensitivity of the areola, this kind of “edging” is a great way to begin to build toward a nipplegasm. While some people may enjoy rough play and even painful treatment of their nipples, these are not typically the best ways to bring on a nipplegasm.

Exploring the Nipple through touch

The biggest mistake that we make with the nipple is going straight for the pinch and twist. This can be fine when you know pain thresholds and what your partner likes with the nipple. But if you are unsure or your play partner does not like it rough, however, you are more likely to turn them off nipple play, or any other play, right from the start.

Instead, aim to build the anticipation by starting with a slow, light touch. Use your finger or feather to brush the nipple, and follow up with a light flick and swirl from your tongue. If your partner enjoys a light touch, then this will provide wonderful stimulation to help lead into other activities. If you find your partner enjoys a firmer touch, this light stimulation will act as a tease and a way to torture them without inflicting any pain.

Once you know how your partner responds to light stimulation, bring on a firmer touch. Gently squeeze with your thumb and index finger, twist lightly, and slowly massage the nipple. This should be pleasurable for your partner, bringing a physical completion to the light teasing that you started with. 

Nipple Play in BDSM

Once you know the kind of touch your partner enjoys, you can slowly begin the segue from massage to pain. When you play, pinch or twist a little harder and gauge the reaction. Continue to increase intensity and gauge the reaction through minor changes and after each step, return to a light tease. This will build anticipation and allow you to adapt.

Adding pain can be achieved through several different approaches. Squeeze and hold the nipple between your thumb and index finger. If you are using a nipple massager, increase the suction and hold it in place. You can also use your teeth or fingernails to add more pinch to the pain.

Nails, teeth, and fingers are wonderful for quick shots of pain. When you want to make the pain last, however, you need to turn to tools. Nipple Clamps allow you to stimulate the nipple with firm or painful pressure by adjusting the clamp. Different varieties of clamps can also provide other options. The nipple clamp and chain allows you to pinch the nipple and then pull your partner, using the breasts as a sort of leash. Nipple weights allow you to provide a constant pull on your partner’s nipples while leaving your hands free for other activities.

  • Ice – Simply rub a cube of ice over the nipple and areola. The cold will provide a different experience to all stimulation. It will make the warmth of a licking afterward much more dynamic.
  • Textures – Take different textures and rub them over the nipple. Almost anything is an option: blankets, towels, shirts, paper, carpet, wool, tweed, cotton, burlap, lubed up finger, mattress, sponges, etc.
  • Smacking – Using the finger area of your hand smack the breast. This gives a sharp snap, and is great combined with ice.
  • Hot wax – Go buy some low-temperature wax candles and drip it slowly over the breast area. Avoid pouring too much at once or too close the areola. If you use an ice cube before you pour the wax, it’ll cool and harden quicker. Plus, the temperature contrast adds an extra dimension.
  • Pulling – While pinching, pull the nipple away from their body. Pulling it to its limit then giving a gentle tug often feels great. If the person is lying on their back, using the natural weight of the body or breast by pulling up can be intense but very pleasurable.
  • Punching – Ball up your fist and punch. Make it a solid punch, but don’t punch through the person. Make contact then back off. You’re pounding the pectorals and breast fat, not the bones. You’re also not trying to hurt yourself or your partners in an unpleasant way.
  • Twisting – Pinch the nipple and twist, gently increasing the rotation You also can twist while pulling and use clamps for a better grip. 

Kinky Toys for Nipple Play

Nipple toys are designed to stimulate the nipple, but that means different things to different people.

Here are a few to get you started.

Clamps, Bar Pinchers, Claws and Pins

Some toys are designed to simulate the sensation of pinching and come in a variety of pressures or are adjustable.

Clamps, Bar Pinchers, Claws and Pins pinch your nippless (you can adjust how hard) in order to increase blood flow, and by effect, sensitivity. 

  • Clamps – What you would traditionally imagine, although they come in various styles (including alligator, clover, and tweezer). If you want something more beginner friendly, anything “adjustable” will work.
  • Pinchers – The main difference between clamps and pinchers is that clamps have smaller points that compress the skin, while pinchers are usually two long objects (like chopsticks, pencils etc.) that are fixed at the end (often with rubber bands) with the nipple stuck in the middle.  They’re MUCH more painful.
  • Claws – Four tiny pieces of metal in a circle pop out of a metal syringe-like tube. When they’re retracted, they grasp the skin and dig in. The pin points can be very sharp. Make sure you’re aware of their “strength” before putting them on (you don’t want to draw blood or create excess pain beyond what your partner has consented to).
  • Pins – Good, old-fashioned clothes pins (yes, the ones you do laundry with). Be careful, however, most of them are fairly tight and can hurt.

You put one on each side of your nipple, and the magnetic pull creates pressure to increase blood flow. Removing them to “free” your nipple heightens its sensitivity, too.  How tight they are is based on the magnets – some will be very tight; while others might be so cheap they fall off..


Weights are often added to clamps to make them pull harder and add more discomfort or pleasure. Others are built into or part of the clamps themselves.

As long as the hoops fit onto the clamp, you could skip the BDSM stores and go to your local hardware or fishing store to find something.

Pumps and Suckers

Nipple suckers work, by suctioning to your nips to increase circulation and sensitivity. The toys are designed to suck the nipples, engorging them with blood and leaving them hyper-sensitive for further play.

Think stubby turkey basters for your breasts. You squeeze the little, hollow ball at the end (some might involve turning a handle), fit it over the nipple and then slowly let go/turn. The vacuum will pull the skin into the tube.

Parties and Tassels

Boob stickers and stripper danglers. Not only are they necessary for some BDSM dungeon parties or outside kink events, but they’re also great if you’re just starting out and want something over your skin without any pain. Even the gentle tug of the material against your clothing or body movement can be nice.

Electro Stim

If it’s a BDSM toy, you can bet there are models that will deliver an electrical current to stimulate the nerve or muscles. Some will be specific nipple-clamp designs, while others will be separate ways to convert your current clamps.

These educational topics wouldn’t be possible without the hardwork and dedication from our Dom(me)sLife contributors – Thank you MM
Contributors: This article was researched and written by Madame Jennifer and Umlindi, edited and published by Mistress Michelle.

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