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Impact Play: Part Five

Stingy vs Thuddy

The terms Thuddy and Stingy are used to describe the two main sensations that Impact Play can provide to a bottom.

Impact Toys Stingy versus Thuddy
Impact Toys – Stingy versus Thuddy


Thuddy is a term usually used to describe a dull, deep, firm and solid sensation achieved during impact play. Items that either are used, or if wielded right could be used, to cause a thuddy impact are; heavy floggers, paddles, slappers and even a thick cane. These items can be used to produce bruising, sometimes rather deep, but usually produce less sting and rarely cut or provide welts. To get an idea for what this might feel like, try tapping a wooden spoon on an open palm and consider the sensation.


Stingy is the complete opposite of thuddy; instead of a punch-like impact, it’s more of a slap. Stingy items are often ones which give a sharp, intense sensation such as a thin cane, rubber paddle, pinwheel or a face slap. A stingy sensation is often more of a surface level pain; think sunburn. Therefore the implements used to produce this effect often cause more surface skin damage, rather than the deeper impact of a thuddy instrument, but this in no way makes them less severe, or less risky.  For example; pick up a 30cm ruler, hold one end and quickly slap it down on your open palm and describe the sensation.

Some people prefer one sensation over the other, some like a scene to mix and match the two. It is something that is certainly worth experimenting with and learning what you like and where your limits are, whether you prefer to Top or to bottom.

Impact play data

Contributors: Researched, written and published by Mistress Michelle and Umlindi.

By Mistress Michelle

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