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Impact Play – Aftercare

Aftercare for Impact Play

BDSM aftercare is an essential part of every scene that ensures no lasting harm; so before you rush into any impact play, you should know what your aftercare needs are, have a plan you can discuss and negotiate and have a personal aftercare kit to ensure that your physical and psychological needs are taken care of properly.

Having or providing good aftercare helps mitigate the profound effects an intense impact play scene can have on your body and mind. Proper aftercare will decrease the likelihood of severe drop occurring for both a Dominant and submissive. It is your personal responsibility to be prepared; below we explain aftercare in greater detail, show you how to make your own personal aftercare plan and give you lots of examples of what you could/should include in your aftercare kit. We have also included a first aid kit and what you should include specifically to self treat the minor injuries that commonly occur during impact play and BDSM scenes in general.

Aftercare Explained

Aftercare is the recovery from a scene or play, where a set of actions help the mind and body relate to the change in physical and emotion energy expended. It is common for feelings of sadness or a sudden emotional response to occur in the hours, and sometimes days following a scene.

Creating a Personal Aftercare Plan

When negotiating an impact scene it is essential to convey your aftercare needs, to have an aftercare plan in place and to ensure you have everything you may need in your personal aftercare kit.

Coming up with a plan for aftercare is essential to ensuring proper self care in those who practice BDSM.

Creating a Personal Aftercare Kit

Creating your own personal aftercare kit ensures that you are prepared and have everything you need to support your mental and physical recovery after a BDSM scene.

Mistress says...Never assume just because it’s a Dungeon, organized event or regular play partner that they will provide or have a first aid kit you can use. You are responsible for your own personal safety so you should always have your own fully equipped first aid kit available.

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