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Anal Play and Prostate Massage

Why does it feel good?

The opening of the anus is filled with nerve endings, and because the area may not be stimulated often, any pleasurable sensations there can made even more intense. Also, be cause it is advised to preform a slower approach when initially engaging in anal play, the build up can be a real treat. As a man I can attest that having anal stimulation during an orgasm and especially having a toy pushing against my prostate at the moment of an orgasm is an incredible experience!

To be specific regarding the prostate. it is a walnut-sized, semen storing gland located at the root of the penis, just below the bladder. It stores semen before it gets mixed with ejaculate and, when stimulated during sex, can make for a very intense orgasm.

Anal play can even be so enjoyable, that you can experience an orgasm without having to touch your cock! Another way to receive the benefits of anal play with committing to achieving a full orgasm from it, is to preform a prostate milking. This is accomplished by using a toy or your fingers to stimulate the prostate until you produce sperm without ever feeling the pleasure of an orgasm.

I want to take a moment to address a common misconception about men engaging in anal play. many men are afraid to admit their interest in anal because they think it will make them gay or bisexual. Here’s the thing, your anus does not have a sexual orientation…enjoying a pleasurable sensation to a sensitive part of the body is nothing to be ashamed about! (neither is being gay lol)

Here is a list of reasons why anal play and prostate milking is beneficial to you:

  1. The most obvious reason. It feels great!
  2. As a submissive man, engaging in anal play is a way to facilitate my submission. Offering my body to be used by my Domme.
  3. Because of the exercise involved it can be a great way to get your blood pumping, which introduces your antibodies to new things and boosts your immune system.
  4. People don’t generally want to talk about their bowel movements but it is important to mention that due to the increased activity in that region and blood flow down there, it helps your bowels get moving and pass them. Don’t worry though, it wont happen during the act lol.
  5. Allowing the prostate to do its job and empty the semen it produces helps to prevent prostate cancer, and if you are a man who finds himself in a situation where the ability to cum is prevented by a certain metal device, prostate milking is a great way to keep your body healthy! just make sure your Domme is okay with your “release” 😉

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