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Weekly Recap: Medieval Times


Lots of buzz in the Divas Dungeon last week. Many new subs entering their trial period. Dommes Learning the ropes and joining the Family on our kinky journey! Our trail subs are rocking it and showing they belong inside the Divas Dungeon!

There are big changes going on in the Dungeon, our notion workspace is in a major overhaul as well as our dungeon screening and tasks. Come be part of our wonderful journey as we grow and become the most Elite Femdom Dungeon there is. Drop by on kik or join our screening room #DivasDungeon to join us on our kinky journey.

Cupcakes daily panty blog continues to astonish readers on here and Fetlife. He takes us through his daily journey and share his thoughts, his wisdom and advice. Thank you cupcake for the amazing insights into this Lifestyle. Not to mention, you look amazing in your special daily panties hand-picked by Mistress Michelle!

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Compulsory Tasks

Last week the Divas Dungeon traveled back in time becoming the Divas Castle. The Elite Femdom Castle of Medieval Times! The entire Dungeon took on Medieval roles. Among us was..

  • Queen Michelle, the Queen of cocks and Supreme Ruler
  • Enchantress Ondine, spreading Her sorcery over the entire Castle
  • Seductress A, seducing noble boys into servitude
  • Madame Folke, Watching all the action from Her throne
  • Jem, the confessor from priests hole
  • Squire Sunshine, noble squire of Queen Michelle
  • Knight Bryan, the pantied warrior
  • Minstrel Mark, poem and song extraordinaire
  • Physician Nick, medieval doctor
  • Cook Justin, preparer of fabulous feasts

Some noble boys from Dommeslife even decided to join in on the fun!

Jem, the confessor from priests hole traveled far and wide hearing the confessions from noble boys, giving them valuable advice, absolution, and spiritual counsel. Minstrel Mark was a very busy minstrel, traveling far and wide from the land of Dommeslife to the Divas Castle, spreading good cheer through poems and songs. Knight Bryan, the pantied warrior carefully watched over the Divas Castles while wearing cute panties for the Royalties. Squire Sunshine kept the Divas Castles full of sunshine as he served Mistress Michelle, the Queen of cocks. Physician Nick was valuable as he spread good medical knowledge across the land. Wouldn’t be a Castle without a noble cook, cook Justin prepared some fabulous meals for E/everybody!

Thetas were amazing as each noble boy dug down deep and portrayed their role to the best of their ability. The topics on Medieval torture were amazing! Always good to see noble boys naked, kneeling, edging and begging for entrance into the Divas Castle. Once granted entrance it seems as each one wanted to release and had to pay for their wanton ways through various torturous torments handed down from the Royalties. Kneeling on rice, ball torture while stroking their cock hundreds of times without release.

Royalties allowed Their noble boys a little playtime in the form a butt plugged spanking, showing them some more torture!

Domme fun

Enchantress Ondine had some fun with the boys in a fun task for scientific purposes. Watching the boys hump pillows and count their thrusts for 2 minutes. Then having them humble themselves, balls locked behind them and do another 2 minutes of painful humping! The moans of agony as each sub thrust his way into more pain were music to the Royalties ears!

Optional Tasks

These are the Divas Dungeon optional tasks. The Dommes create them, subs flock to them. They love them! Enjoy some of our subs creativity.

Caption That

Dommes Desire

What Happens Next?

“Just what I had in mind, inescapable bondage! 9 inch thick dildo plunged deep inside Your hole. I could see the pain on your face as you slid down deep on it. Just love the way these chopsticks separate your balls and clamp off the top of your cock! Serves it right for getting hard as you impaled yourself on that latex cock! You can try and struggle but it’s futile”

Yes Mistress. All I can move is my head”

“Good. Just the way I like it. I could torture you in so many different ways right now. Wartenburg wheel over your nipples and balls, could take aim and shoot those balls that are a nice shade of red right now with my new rubber band gun. Wonder what icy hot would feel like rubbed deep into them? I can see the fear in your eyes! Just love it!! 😈 Dig My sharp nails deep into your chest, leaving red welts all over you. Any of those sound good?”

“No Mistress. Please no, I’m in enough pain right now”

“Ohhhh the stinging nettles outside are ready again! Maybe a little Tabasco sauce on those nipples. Now that I think about it, I have 5 brand new zippers I could use, the ones with the sandpaper on the clothespins. So many ideas come to mind. What I would really like to do is take a rubber band and snap the underside of your cock until it forms a nice thick red and purple bruise! Hehe”

“No please Mistress. Please, I beg You no more pain, this bondage and dildo are enough, chopsticks hurt so much. You know I hate pain”

“Okay, no more pain. But you see I’m part of this wonderful Kik group called the Divas Dungeon and They’re exploring Medieval torture this week. There’s a reason i tied you up completely helpless and immobile right here. Above you is a 10-gallon bucket of ice-cold water, and there’s a tiny hole drilled in the bottom of it right above your head. When I pull that plug out, it’s gonna slowly dribble all that ice-cold water all over you. When I tested it, it took almost 30 minutes to empty. When it’s done, I’m going to fill it with hot water and do it again. We are gonna do it 3 times for an hour and half. That’s the last time you’ll be an hour and half late boy! Enjoy!”


She warned him that this scene was going to be more hardcore than usual, clearly reminding him of his safewords. She planned to tie him up, beat him, tease him, torture him, slap him, scratch him until he couldn’t take it anymore. Her goal was to get him to use his safe-words and he agreed.
She brought him down the steps and tied him up to the Castle wall skillfully securing his cock and balls in a chopstick vice. Every time he smiled She would slap him across the face. Every time he shuddered She would bring more agony to his balls.
He tried to move his arms and legs but the ropes were tied too tight. For what seemed like ages She tortured him with Her cane, hitting him hard in the chest, on the legs, slapping his face. He screamed and moaned but never said his safe words.
She began to respect him after accepting all the pain but annoyed that She couldn’t break him, so She continued harder and harder though never losing control. This is what was agreed to in the beginning. She used him, he used Her. Finally, he screamed, ‘Medieval Castle of Diva’


Earlier in the day he had been in a good mood so he was enjoying his time talking with his friends. He didn’t do his tasks as well as normal because of this and his work was deemed as unacceptable.

Already feeling the guilt after She called him out on it, he fell to his knees. Collar on head, bowed. He knew better than to apologize and knew that She always enjoyed getting a sense of Her control back.

So he kneeled as She smacked his cock and balls lightly. ‘You think you’re funny?’ He bowed his head and said no more. He had a feeling that it would go on like this for quite some time.

She took the whip and smacked his face lightly, then back to the cock and balls a bit harder this time. ‘Did you learn your lesson?’ He didn’t say anything. She continued to torture and torment him. Finally, She let a powerful smack right at his balls.

‘Now did you learn lesson yet’

He grins like an idiot. ‘No not yet’


After looking at him on his knees before Her for several minutes, his muscled body, hands behind his back, the way his eye close and head lowers. Brings a smile to Her face, just the sight of Her boy naked and kneeling like that. Lately he’s been a little bratty, little quips he mumbles while serving Her coffee and making dinner, sometimes rolling his eyes and back talking, although in a playful manner. Other day he mentioned his bottom hasn’t been reddened in a while, although joking, She took it as a sign of “I need to be beaten” please.

Last couple days She been thinking on how to happily oblige him with a bright red bruised bottom that will have him squirming in his chair behind his desk for days to cum. I mean come. 😊. Tried and true way is to place all the implements on the couch and bend him over the back, forcing him to stare at the mass of impact toys that will soon meet his bare ass. 40 swats from each as She works Her way down the line of toys. Could always tie him to the cross, tied to the bed, make him stand in the middle of the room, no restraints. But those have all been done before. She wants something new that will amuse Her, make He giggle and laugh while she spanks his cute bottom. Finally decides and puts Her plan in motion.

Via text…
“Hi boy, when you get home tonight put on the ball parachute and the extra chain I have for it”

Hours later She stands before him tugging on the chain attached to his tender balls, dragging in around every room of the house as he follows behind on his knees. Multiple tours of each room. Seeing the wince and agony on his face as the carpet digs into his tender, bruised and swollen knees, she shear agony of tile floors causes him to fall over. His knees swollen and bruised, tears emerging from his wincing eyes as They come to a stop on the hard tile floor of the kitchen.

“All I did was walk you around the house and your already in such pain. Your really gonna hate the next part, but your the one who wanted a red ass!”

Pouring 2 piles of uncooked rice on the floor, ordering him to place his knees in each pile. Watching him painfully kneel before Her only drives Her sadistic mind into overdrive. Shoving his upper body down into a humble pose. Grabbing the chain to his parachute, pulling it behind him and anchoring it off to the door knob pulling tight, stretching his cock and balls behind him. Hearing his moans and as She pulls it just a little tighter.

“Now I’m gonna stand over you and I’m not gonna stop spanking your ass until its the same as your knees. If you squirm or struggle, it’s just gonna dig the rice deeper into your knees and pulls those balls that are full of pent up cum further away from your body”


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