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Partner Approval?

In Diva’s Dungeon we require all subs that enter our group to receive approval from any partners before joining, but why?

When a sub enters our group they are agreeing to enter a relationship, and a pretty serious one at that. We take part in a lot more of a subs life than the bedroom, this is a lifestyle BDSM group, meaning our group embraces all parts of BDSM into your daily rituals.

A Partner means: Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Play Partner, or Spouse.

Would you go on a date without telling your partner? Sleep with someone else? Follow orders that effect your daily life? Why wouldnt you tell them about this?

Being honest with our loved ones is part of the core values of our group, to allow you to sneak behind a partner would be to break our personal ethical code. If they truly love, understand, and trust you than approval shouldn’t be a problem, right? By lying to them about this side of you, you are not allowing them to know who you truly are, and you show lack of trust in them for not being open enough to share it.

To help you with talking to your partner about your kinky side we have a few great resources to check out This Video.

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