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Don’t PM Without Permission

Don’t PM without permission… period. In all of my time on Kik I’ve yet to understand how the most basic of rules, one possessed by the majority of rooms on the app, is still so difficult for some people. 

Whenever you enter a room, any room, whether they have the rule posted or not, don’t PM without permission. The excuse of “I’m sorry i didn’t know” is bull shit, and will likely only get you removed or even banned and blocked. Also, news flash, Admins and group Owners talk, we know about that creep popping into every single room only to pm every profile pic they deem “worthy” of dealing with their annoying excuse of a greeting. 

“hello mistress”, “hi”, “is it okay if i message you”, “can i cum for you”, no no no no no no. Its called common decency, and if you have an ounce of self-control in your body you wont do it.

Want to know how to PM someone? Here is the secret:
In the room in which you are both speaking say, “May I PM you please [insert name]”.
If you want extra brownie points you can even say what the PM is in regards too.

If all of this makes no sense to you, or you don’t care, do us all a favor and stop using Kik… or at least stay out of my rooms. 

Thanks, end rant

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