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Dom(me) Drop – it does happen!

A common term in BDSM is sub drop but rarely, if ever, is Dom(me) drop discussed. It is a real thing and does happen! We focus so much on making sure subs are cared for that we are often left to deal with it alone.

Dom(me) drop is very much the same as sub drop – but D’s can have more emotional turmoil than subs, especially when it involves ‘hurting’ someone. Society has conditioned us to not to hurt people so mentally this can be very hard to process. Dom(me) drop can make us suffer a number of symptoms like, crying, tiredness, anxiety, fatigue, stress, irritability, tension headaches, migraines, nausea and/or vomiting. A common reaction is also to suffer depression like symptoms, to shutdown, become reclusive and closed off.

By Mistress Michelle

I have a passion for education and saw a need in the groups I was in to help others reach their goals through learning. There's no greater motivation for Me than helping others and I see creating educational resources as a way of helping many people at once.

I have researched and explored many topics multiple times, considered different angles, and am always surprised by how much there is still to learn. Having others respond to the topics and questions I ask related to each one is as much of a learning experience for Me as it is a rewarding experience to see the effort and growth in real time that I have inspired.

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