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Treo gets Oreo Cookies

It had been years since the great battles where Tigers fought off the onslaught of Lions and Elephants who threatened to steal their land, their resources and their women. Treo now worked as a clerk in an office, 9-5 doing data entry fighting battles in the boardroom – how he longed to sink his teeth into something and feel that primal urge once more.

He walked to his sedan in the parking lot, remembering the men who heralded his greatness, and the celebrations that ensued. He maneuvered his muscular legs into the car, his thighs as thick as tree trunks barely fit within the confines of the car. He didn’t make it more than a block before he felt compelled to pull into the local grocery store, hungry and longing to taste something lasting and sweet.

The double doors opened slowly as he approached, although the store was nearby he realized only now that he had never ventured inside. A mist greeted him, and seemed to glimmer and shimmer against his fur which now stood on end. His muscles tightened, his dress shirt seemed more restrictive and damp, as it clung to his chiseled frame, he appeared to grow as everything around him appeared to shrink.
From behind the checkout counter a shrieking yell announced his presence as if to warn the others, “Treo son of Ishtar”. He turned to see a vision of beauty, Bella a feline lover from a life almost forgotten, Her vivacious curves seemed to summon his eyes and a hunger he felt growing was suddenly a need that he could no longer ignore. She knew Her way with Treo well, She too was once a warrior, now found Herself here, unsure until this moment what She had been doing, there and waiting for.

“You look like you could use a bite” said Bella, and she flicked Her tongue at him as She sauntered away down one of the grocery store aisles. Graceful as She was deadly, he watched Her round hips, muscular and nimble bounce from side to side as She leaped from shelf to shelf, cereal boxes, canned tomatoes, chips, crackers, all flying through the air as She somersaulted Her way to Her destination. He tried to walk casually though felt awkward being with Her in pressed slacks and pleated dress shirt. Sweat dribbling down to the small of his back, he paused a moment staring at Bella, who with one arm holding on to the top of a shelf, legs perched two rows below, crouched and heaved deep breaths, sweetly blowing tufts of hair that draped her coffee colored eyes.

Flashes of Bella’s naked dripping body danced in Treo’s mind from the last time they had met, neither expected to ever see the other one again. Treo ceased his approach, his gaze fell upon Bella’s chest, rising and lowering with each hot breath, Her nipples prominently piercing the fabric of Her shirt in sharp points. “It’s been a while huh” said Treo with a low rumble, his voice hoarse and deep. “You haven’t lost a step” he said marvelling at Her.

“I hope you haven’t lost your appetite” said Bella, who licked Her lips seductively, eyes fixed on the tight bulge in Treo’s pants that made Her mouth water, “I know I haven’t”. He longed to feel Her sharp feline tongue pressed against his skin again, Her claws reaching deep under his fur, and to feel his own lips pressed once again on Her most sensitive area. His ears burned as he stood and flushed, remembering how Her claws had once held his head in place between Her thick muscular legs, and realized as he was transfixed on Her sex, so too was She on his. From his ears to his magical throbbing tiger claw penis, his chest now heaving, unable to prevent the bulge from expanding, and his enormous penis straining the seams of his pants, snaking around his thigh searching for daylight.

“I could use a…” Treo began talking between deep breaths as he watched Bella pull at the neck of Her shirt with Her claw, cleanly tearing it down the center all the way to Her belly, still staring at his magical gift begging to be unwrapped – “snack” – he finally moaned eyes glazing over.

“Have you tried these?” Bella said smoothly, reaching between Her thighs and showing Treo a box of Oreo cookies. “They’re fun to just pop open” She mused playfully, digging a paw through the top of the bag, “and hold in my mouth for a while” She sang teasingly, splitting a cookie between two long claws. She let one half fall, and held the other half, covered in white cream between Her thumb and foreclaw, bringing it to Her mouth She licked it with Her long tongue staring into his fiery eyes and watched his immense jaw drop as She purred pulling the cream into her mouth.

“Have you lost your step Tiger?” said Bella, “Kitty wants to play”. Treo was a hulking mass of raw animal lust, he took one step and paused as his pants ripped, a line going up from his pocket to his hip, his massive cock begging for air and pulsing which each deep breath he heaved. “That looks tasty” said Bella, and pulled Her shirt more open, placing the open cookie cream side down over Her exposed nipple. “Come on Tiger” She said narrowing Her eyes on him.

Treo leaped into the air, landing on the top of the metal shelves and knocking them over to the floor, his four limbs surrounding Bella’s tingling frame. “Try a cookie” said Bella, Treo’s large frame bending lower, his hot breath filling Her shirt, billowing and flapping. His great tongue rolled from his mouth as Bella snapped the cookie away with Her tail, wrapping around his torso and pulling him into Her chest. Treo’s tongue tasted the sweet sugary cream against Her breast, growling in desperate desire, as Bella held him there.

Releasing him with Her nimble tail, Bella moaned and then waited until Treo looked up at Her to eat the half cookie. Treo’s shoulders rolled like boulders as rose above Her. Bella brought forth another cookie, and no sooner did Treo’s magical tiger claw cock snatch off the top half. “I haven’t eaten in years Bella” Treo said as he waited for his chance to have one of Bella’s delicious Oreo cookies.

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