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Selective & Subconscious Mistakes & Punishments

Often i wonder how many mistakes i make on purpose, hoping to be caught. Little ones and big ones, for the purpose of receiving punishment or the opportunity to correct oneself, it’s very common in BDSM to see mistakes being made well before they even happen.

What causes this can be fun, wanting to draw someone’s attention, and knowing that the punishment will be closer to ‘funishment’. Sometimes it is more of a cry for help, unable to communicate or admit to a problem, it brings the issue to the forefront so it can no longer go unaddressed.

Whether your mistakes are from carelessness or from something more deliberate, it’s important to recognize the impact, communicate, address and learn from each one as an opportunity to grow.

These panties are so bright and the waistband so high, it’s very easy to ‘mistakenly’ flash them to an unsuspecting audience.

That’s what makes these panties special ?

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