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S.S.C And R.A.C.K

In Diva’s Dungeon we follow SSC and RACK, but what does that mean? Well, for starters SsC means Safe, Sane, and Consensual; and RACK sands for Risk-aware, Consensual, Kink. But it’s a lot more and not quite as simple as the acronyms may imply, let’s go through these letters one by one. Safe: You have […]

BDSM Education


 largely understudied fetish, dacryphilia can often be broken down into 2-5 subcategories (depending on who you ask). 1.sexual arousal from someone displaying strong emotion2.sexual arousal from the emotional release that accompanies crying (i.e., an emotional catharsis). There are a couple more specific subcategories(voyeuristic, lower lip, ext…), but these two specifically seem to be the most […]