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Sounding. The name alone sent shivers down my spine. Whenever it was brought up in conversation I would quickly realize that I had something else to do and somewhere else to be. I mean really who would possibly want to put something into their penis… The visual combined with my imagination created all sorts of horror movies in my head.

Eventually though I met a few people that have done it and miraculously they were still alive AND still had a penis. Mind blown at this point so out of sheer curiosity combined with a dose of fear I listened to their stories. Surprisingly I eventually was even asking questions and they would talk about it like it was something special. But I knew these people, friends even, so maybe there was a little bit of light to this dark fantasy of horror.

My questions became real over time, curiosity tugging at the back of my mind like a puppy with a rope. The questions led to an ignition of wonder and I dove into research like a sea turtle searching the ocean’s bottom for a treat. Once I had waded through the porn version of this kink and found a trail of reputable resources, including doctors. Wait, medical uses. Not just random items being shoved in your cock. Alright, maybe there is something to this. So I dove deeper in search of that pearl of knowledge and comfort. To be clear at this point I honestly was only looking out for friends. There was no way that I would try this.

As my research continued I eventually found dozens of really well written and educated papers talking not only about the safety of this unfathomable task but the health benefits as well. Again, mind exploding like a bottle rocket on the 4th of July. Once I had come crashing back to reality, probably about as gracefully as that bottle rocket crashing back to earth, I raked in all of the information and sorted through it very slowly. The puzzle pieces began to fall into place.

Sounding has been around for a long time, can be done safely by yourself or with a partner, can actually help with erections and creates some sensations that are almost incomparable to anything I could imagine. But, and here is a big ole butt, there are rules and tips. Cleanliness is critical! Not just clean but sterile. The sounding rods that are commonly found are medical grade stainless steel. There is a special sterile lube that you use. Wash your hands, cock, and well everything. Boil the sounds or clean thoroughly with alcohol wipes, or both. Now with the right tools for the job, a sterile environment and a curiosity to find out what this crazy kink is about you are ready. Yes, this was me mind prepping myself. Yes, somewhere along the way I had seen the sounds and lube and they had ended up in my basket of toys.

Everything prepared. Now the moment of truth. I generously lube up the sound. Get myself semi erect because a little bit of horny helps keep me from backing down. I already know the procedure at this point, having read it over and over and over. The sound touches my urethra and omg the sensations run rampant. An unbelievable amount of nerve endings are in the urethra and I now believe that to be fact. The sound slips in maybe a half inch, commonly known as a quarter mile in my mind! The feeling is nice but almost overwhelming. Do I pull it out or continue begins to bounce around in my mind. I focus on letting this event have a chance and as my body hesitates in indecision the weight of the sound slips itself in about another inch. I gasp in shock at the sight and almost let go of the rod, fingers simply keeping it aligned. Gradually, at an almost unreal speed, the rod goes in as I try to take in all of the sensations.

Knowing that the rod will not pass through into my bladder I let go of the half buried sound and slowly, curiously stroke my cock. I can feel the steel inside my grip and the combination of what it is doing inside my urethra plus my touch plus the unreal visual has me in an almost trance like state. While slowly stroking I remove the sound at an agonizingly intense rate feeling every inch of it slide out of my body. I pickup and lube the next size rod. It stretches ever so slightly on its way in but more so just fills me. Being heavier than the last I have to slow it down ever so gently and the feeling is amazing. My erection wavers at the intensity of the sensations, like an overloaded circuit, then returns.

It hits me suddenly. OMG, I have a steel rod in my cock. Intentionally. And it feels amazing. Mmmmm, just a few more minutes I think. And that was that. Not only did i survive but enjoyed it greatly. Don’t rush, force or forget to clean but when you are ready simply relax and take in the moment. It was nothing like I had originally feared and dreaded. Now I have been combining prostate stimulation with sounds along with a prostate massager and let me tell you, holy wow! Sudden, insanely intense and body wracking amazement!

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