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Burning for Chip’s Wood

He arrived in town in a fog, his old 2 door coupe wheezing it’s way to the fire station in anonymity but was immediately identified through the haze as that big city boy. Naomi watched from the her window as he stepped out of his car, tall and clean in tight denims and a loose t-shirt, walking to the fire station door which was locked, no sign of movement inside.

The appearance of a handsome stranger in town caused movement between her legs however, as he placed a bag on the ground looking up at the building, she hoped he was staying for a while. One of the benefits of working as the school administrator was that her window overlooked the fire station across the road, but with the town’s population decreasing and lack of funds, it seemed as the equipment and vehicles fell into disarray, so too did the men who inhabited the post. After some time the door to the fire station opened and he disappeared inside. Naomi went back to work and only noted at the end of the day as she drove to her home that the red coupe was still parked in front of the fire station.

The next day when she arrived at the school she made a mental note of the car still being outside and wondered if the stranger was perhaps here for a while, or maybe for good. Those fantasies of men thrusting themselves headfirst into danger, emerging with soot and stained clothing flooded through her as she daydreamed out the window. Naomi had been lost in thought so long she was startled to realize the large doors that concealed the fire truck were now open, and sitting in a metal lawn chair from behind mirrored sunglasses, looking directly in her direction was the mysterious newcomer.

Naomi could feel herself turning red, heat emanating from deep inside her traveled up her spine tickling the back of her neck, and filling into her cheeks. She stood and began pressing her skirt, there were no pleats in it, this was not like her. She didn’t know what her hands were doing and was uncomfortable with the feeling, stepping away from the window she busied herself with organizing attendance sheets, began calling into classes who were late in sending in their forms and with authority in her voice, sent numerous children back to class she could see passing by her view of the halls from behind the office counter.

The office had emptied without her noticing, she wondered for a moment if she had perhaps driven away the typical noise that hovered like a cloud, and then went back to her desk proud of her performance to enjoy a rare moment of calm. The metal lawn chair across the way was empty, but she could hear music, top 40 hits blaring now invading her thoughts. Where was this coming from.

An hour had passed, as the bell rang for lunch she realized she had been obsessing over the noise, the fire station, the mysterious stranger, she was upset that she had now lost her focus and was trying to catch up on calls made and notes to send. She did not take her lunch to the staff room as she normally did, she stayed at her desk and fumed.

“Who does he think he is” she thought to herself, “hotshot city boy shows up, turns the fire station into a frat house”. She couldn’t believe it, in all this time with music blasting nobody yet had emerged from those giant open doors, “typical” she thought, “probably having a cat nap”. She was furious and by the end of the day her handbag was ready in her clenched hand, and the door clanged behind her just as the final bell had rung.

Her pink heels bore into the ground as she walked across the street, pausing at the sidewalk on the other side to recognize the source of the music was coming from a little red coupe with windows rolled down parked nearby. She continued into the open garage of the fire station, on the floor were parts strewn about, ladders, wrenches, rags, covered the area surrounding the truck.

She could hear voices from the back coming through the open door, those childish apes horsing around, and as she stomped her heel slipped in a small puddle of grease and her bag shot into the air as she fell awkwardly into the arms of a figure in the darkness. Startled, Naomi shrieked and pushed her captor away, “I’m so sorry” said the man stepping out from behind the fire truck, “I should have wiped up that greece on the floor but my hands are so sticky, I swear nobody had greased these nuts in so long – lug nuts – these seals on the truck, the openings – for the hoses… I got grease on your arm, and your shirt and your skirt-” he trailed off.

“It’s a blouse” she said.

“What?” asked the stranger.

“You got grease on my blouse, and I came here to tell you shouldn’t play your music so loud near the children, and you shouldn’t leave these things here lying around everywhere, why is everything just lying around, why is everyone here always just lying around?” Naomi unleashed her anger onto him. “Who do you think you are, with your fancy sports car you just show up here and suddenly it’s party time?”

His hand touched her arm again and she quickly slapped it away, “who do you think you are, who are you?”

There was a loud bang as the door to the back slammed shut in the breeze startling them both, but neither averted their gaze. Naomi stared at his eyes looking down at his hands, she was out of breath, and for the first time took notice of his frame, smooth and muscular, shirtless his chest heaving in time with her own.

“I’m Chip” he began, “I was just trying to calm you down I didn’t mean to startle you. I’m very sorry for the mess, I have been trying to put things in order for these guys. I’m a trainer, I couldn’t even get these guys out of bed this morning. I thought if I started working on this truck they would help me. They are supposed to be out back coiling the hoses but I think they are playing football or something.”

He stopped talking and looked up, for the first time she saw in the pale light his bright green eyes, “sorry about the music, I’m used to a lot of noise where I’m from.” He looked down at his hands again and she followed with her eyes, noticing the deep indentations of his abdomen cutting deeply into his jeans. She felt cool air against her neck as the anger left her, and felt her thighs tighten from a blush deep within her that caused her knees to tense as her sex began to throb. Chip’s eyes took note of this shift in her stance and he noticed for the first time her bright pink heels, her shapely calves and admired how the tweed skirt hugged her thighs and hips. He then noticed again the dark stains on her white chiffon blouse.

He was careful not to stare and as he fidgeted, Naomi’s desire burned deeper feeling his gaze. “I have a hose behind the truck and a towel, I can help you get cleaned up”.

Calm and with pursed lips Naomi began to step toward the truck, “thank you” she said and went to where she could see the hose on the other side. She reached to turn the handle for the water and noticed it too was covered in grease. “Please let me help you” said Chip, and he turned the handle for her, the hose dormant on the concrete floor came to life spraying water up against the wall, the truck and all over the two of them. Chip went to close the tap but it took longer than expected with the grease on the handle and on his hands. He reached above the truck and pulled down two towels, without a word wrapping one around Naomi’s shoulders, “I’m… I’m not good with women” he said still holding either side of the towel. “You seem to be learning pretty quickly to me” said Naomi, biting her lip and closing her eyes wondering where that came from.

When she opened her eyes she could see Chip staring at her lips, and nervously opened her mouth and flicked her tongue. Chip let go of the towel and took an awkward step back, Naomi loved watching how he fumbled around her. Chip reached to a hanging light next to the truck and flicked on the bright orange glow illuminating the two.

He reminded Naomi of a lost boy, this hulking man, here to save the town, she needed to feel him, she needed him to be strong, she needed to make her dreams a reality but how far would she go. She clutched the towel around her, “so you said you are a trainer?”

“That’s right ma’am I have been in fire rescue my whole life.”

“There’s a fire that needs putting out” said Naomi, “it’s been burning since I saw you Chip.” With those words she dropped her towel. “Let’s see if you are really fit to be a trainer. How do you know if there’s a fire burning when you can’t see it?”

“Ummmm… you can usually feel it”

In the dim glow of the light, the beads of water shone brightly on her chest, her lacy bra accentuated through her wet shirt, Naomi walked toward Chip, “can you feel when my fire is burning Chip?” and took his large coarse hand in her own, pulled it against her chest. “Do you feel my heat Chip?” she said and moved his hand over her chest to where the blouse opening was and moaned. “Chip, I think my shirt just caught fire” Naomi said pushing herself into Chip.

“What if the guys come in?” asked Chip still with his hand against her chest.

“Then they will see what a fucking stud you are Chip” said Naomi who now held her knees together and could feel wetness dripping down between her thighs. She couldn’t tell if it was from the hose or her own sexual desire but she needed Chip to touch her and ravage her right then and there. “Do it Chip” she growled and in an instant his strong hands had torn her shirt open. Naomi trembled and allowed the material to fall from her shoulders to the floor. “All my clothes are on fire Chip” said Naomi and without hesitation Chip snapped her lacy bra in half, then moved behind her, pulled at the slit holding it together and ripped it exposing her trembling legs, and her sopping cotton panties. With one hand, cleanly he pulled her panties free from her body.

She needed to feel him, it has been so long since she had been with a man and wanted him inside of her, “show me your hose Chip” she said. Chip reached into the truck and tugged the nozzle and a hose loose, grinning. “Wow, you really like spraying me with hoses” quipped Naomi.

“I have always wanted to do this” said Chip, “you better lean against that wall behind you” said Chip as he steadied himself. Naomi leaned with her naked ass against the concrete wall, still in her pink heels with her palms against the wall and legs spread wide. “Ok, ready?” Naomi nodded and tensed in preparation, turning her head she noticed the door from outside begin to open. Then Chip opened the nozzle to the hose, instantly pressure seized her sex like nothing she had ever felt before, her eyes closed and she let out a shriek in pleasure. Chip increased the pressure as Naomi tilted her head back in ecstacy, the water felt like sharp pins being pressed into her clit and all she could concentrate on was her intense pleasure. After ten seconds Chip turned off the hose, Naomi continued moaning and panting, her legs shaking as if from hypothermia, and instinctively Chip placed an arm behind her knees, a hand against her neck and then cradled her in his massive arms as she went limp.

“Holy shit” came a voice from the side near the door. There stood the 5 firemen gaping at the two wondering what was happening. “Well what do we have here” chimed one of the gangly crew. Chip turned his back to the men shielding Naomi from their view, opened to door to the truck and placed Naomi in the front seat. Then he pulled a firefighter jacket from the back and covered her with it. “Is this how they do it in Seattle buddy?’ said one, “is this part of the training?” said another.

Naomi was having none of this, her eyes open she surveyed the five, pulled the coat on and stepped carefully out of the truck with Chip holding out his hand for support. “Chip was just giving me a demonstration of his hose, funny that none of you ever offered”.
They all stood there stunned, as Naomi stepped onto the hard floor, “if you are going be here then I expect you to take part in the lesson” said Naomi, “I believe Chip was in here all alone fixing leaky hoses while you fucked off outside. It’s inspection time boys, show me your hoses.”

One by one they each lowered their pants and waited for the instruction. Chip still stood holding onto the fire truck hose as Naomi approached, her heels echoing as she walked across the wet floor and crouched in front of him, pulled at his waistband, undid the button and zipper and pulled down his pants revealing his throbbing hard cock. Naomi felt so powerful, and she felt her lust renewed inside of her witnessing Chip’s immense arousal. His cock pulsing and leaking freely in front of her, none spoke for s few moments. Then Naomi began again, “this is a leaky hose” she said still crouching, she clasped her hand around his firm dick and milked a thick droplet then she caught with her tongue as it fell, then sucked the head of his cock into her mouth before standing and kissing Chip on the lips, in her heels she still had to strain her neck to reach his soft lips and fed him his pre-cum pressing her tongue to the top of his mouth.

“Fuck that’s hot” she said, “I think you just put one fire out in my mouth but there’s an inferno that just started on my chest”…

To be continued

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