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What is subspace? Subspace is sometimes described as an altered headspace, a floaty feeling, total bliss. Subspace is hard to define but simple to understand as a combination of both mental and physical experiences. With the mental experience you can get complete relaxation, calmness, equilibrium, tranquillity and serenity. The physical part is caused by the […]

BDSM Education Fundamentals Mindset

The Fundamentals Series – Drop

What is Drop? During the course of a scene our bodies and our minds go through a series of changes, physiologically and well as psychologically. The excitement from participating actively in kinks and fetishes initiates a release of endorphins, adrenaline and several other hormones. Breathing increases and becomes shallow, the pulse rate increases, and the […]

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Post Orgasm Torture

Immediately after an orgasm, manipulation of the genitals can be uncomfortable and even painful. Post orgasm torture (POT) can be performed on male or female anatomy although it will feel slightly different. The body is in its most sensitive and vulnerable state during and after orgasm as the sensations and heightened activity in the nerves […]