BDSM Education Rope Series

Rope Types

There are many different types of rope to choose from when considering which rope might be right for you. Each type of rope has its own pros and cons, the biggest thing to consider when choosing rope is the ‘stretch’ of the rope. Rope that is going to be used in suspension should have zero […]

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Roleplay has been used in many different ways throughout the world for centuries. Ways such as reenacting an altercation for a police officer, taking on the role of another student in class as an experiment to see how another is perceived, taking on a fantasy person for your dungeons and dragons game. There are so […]

Beginners Guides Clothing Discord Classroom Miscellaneous

Dressing the part

Clothing can help you create an identity and feel more assured of your sexuality. Indeed, if you look the part, it begins to sink in at a psychological level. In particular, many feel empowered by changing their appearance with makeup and clothes. When we put on our bondage gear, it’s symbolic; we occupy the role […]

BDSM Education Discord Classroom Dom(me)/sub Service

Service Submission

Introduction Throughout your journey of kinks, fetishes and BDSM as a whole, you will likely have stumbled across the term service submission. At a glance it seems like a straightforward idea and for the most part, it is. However we are going to look into it all on a deeper level and really pick apart […]